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Women's Ministry

Sister to Sister fellowship is the manifestion of Sister Sharp's vision to bring women of Faith Christian Center Church together to not only fellowship, but to grow in areas that concern women. It is designed to minister to women and encourage them to be the women God has intended. FCCC Women's Ministry will empower the women to be fully prepared in their knowledge of the word and to carry out the vision God has given them in their families, jobs and their community.

This fellowship will encourage women to overcome their past hurts, emotional baggage and learn who they are in Christ whereby they can overcome every situation. The fellowship meets every other month on the third Thursday. We invite all women from the age of 16 yrs and older, guests as well as visitors are welcome to come and fellowship and have fun in the Lord. Call or please contact us if you have any questions about our ministries or would like to know about other opportunities to serve our community that may not be listed here.