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Degrees of Faith series...Pastor Carlton Sharp

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Degrees of Faith 12 CD series...Pastor Carlton Sharp

Degrees Of Faith - 12 CD series In this series of lessons, Pastor Sharp defines a degree as a series of steps or stages in a process or progression. He further states that the Holy Spirit alerts us to the fact that faith, which has been dealt to us is a measurable quantity, something which can be measured. You will look into the photo album, the Word of God, to look at photographs of different kinds of faith. The ultimate end will be to find out where you are faith-wise.

You will learn about:

  • Great Faith
  • Little Faith
  • Strong Faith
  • Weak Faith
  • Full of Faith
  • Shipwreck Faith
  • Unfeigned Faith
  • Wavering Faith
  • Exceedingly Growing Faith
  • and much more.