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Confidence: The Missing Ingredient of Faith Series

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Confidence: The Missing Ingredient of Faith Series

Confidence: The Missing Ingredient of our Faith

In this awesome series, Pastor Sharp says the missing ingredient to our faith is that of Confidence. He states that many Believers fall short, not because they don’t have faith, but because they lack the confidence that God will perform His Word!

Pastor Sharp defines confidence as assurance, total persuasion, boldness and trust. It is the quality which leads you to stand up under or to endure adversity.

He also states that:

• This is the one key component that will energize your faith and revolutionize your prayer life. • Confidence is the force that launches your faith • True confidence is being fully persuaded no matter what • There can be no true obedience where there is no confidence • You will not yield yourself to someone in whom you do not trust

In this series, you will learn:

 The Keys to Confidence

 What does confidence look like

 Ways to develop confidence

 Keys to maintaining corresponding actions (corresponding actions are things you do in agreement with what you believe)

 And much, much more!

Get this dynamic series on Confidence and restore yours today!