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DEBT Cancellation...Pastor Carlton Sharp

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DEBT Cancellation...Pastor Carlton Sharp

Debt Cancellation - 6 CD series In this tremendously needed series, Pastor Sharp prepares the hearts of the Believers to understand God’s plan more perfectly concerning debt and he helps to develop a plan of action for your finances which will raise your standard of living and the quality of your life. Four questions that guided this series:

  1. How do I know I am in debt?
  2. What does being in debt say about me?
  3. What are some of the consequences to debt?
  4. How do I get out of debt?

You will also learn:

  1. Four things concerning self-control
  2. How to gain control of your spending
  3. Four decisions every Believer should make concerning their finances
  4. and much much more!

This series on Debt Cancellation will be the start of a new beginning in your finances.