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Divine Healing, Our Covenant Right ... Pastor Carlton Sharp

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This series of lessons are designed to bring the Believer to a place whereby he/she knows that healing is our covenant right. There are many opinions concerning whether or not it is the will of God to heal every Christian, and whether or not every Christian can be healed.

In these lessons, you will learn:

  1. 7 Lies of the devil concerning sickness & disease
  2. Traditional, religious thinking can hinder the Word in you concerning healing
  3. You will never arrive at a position of faith with your heart cluttered with misinformation
  4. Devastation of a False Belief about sickness & disease
  5. 7 Practical things to do when standing for your healing
  6. 7 Scriptural ways to healing
  7. Benefits of agreement/unity
  8. And much more!

Get this awesome series on Divine Healing and be on your way to your healing!

Divine Healing, Our Covenant Right ... Pastor Carlton Sharp