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If Your Faith Is Not Working, Check These Things...Pastor Carlton Sharp

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If Your Faith Is Not Working, Check These Things...Pastor Carlton Sharp

If Your Faith is Not Working - This powerful series of lessons was designed to study the concept and operation of the God kind of faith to identify areas of mistakes and mishaps people make in the exercise of their faith. Pastor Sharp also shows a common sense approach to the faith process and ways to avoid faith mistakes.

Pastor Sharp defines faith failures as the improper exercise of faith principles that either cancels the force of faith or never set into motion the faith process to bring the manifestation of the promises of God.

In this series, you will:

  • Understand and establish the necessity of faith
  • Discover scriptural fundamentals of the God kind of faith process
  • Learn the ABC’s of Faith
  • Discover the devastation of ignoring and not correcting faith errors
  • Discover reasons why Believers should live holy
  • See how godliness is profitable
  • Discover signs that you are not walking in holiness
  • Learn how to maintain holiness

You will also learn:

  • The Asking component of the faith process
  • 6 Tips for asking
  • Elements to a faith confession
  • Relationships facts
  • What is the mentors’ responsibility
  • 5 Benefits for having Godly people around
  • Action to avoid Wrong Relationships
  • How to conduct a faith checkup
  • And much more!

Get this awesome series on what to check for if your faith is not working!