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How To Make A Successful Recovery ... Pastor Carlton Sharp

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How To Make A Successful Recovery ... Pastor Carlton Sharp

How To Make A Successful Recovery - single CD

How to Make a Successful Recovery

What a dynamic series on making a successful recovery! Pastor Sharp strives to bring the believer to the place where he can make a conscious decision to recover from past and present misbehavior and be restored to a right relationship with God!

In this series of lessons, you will discover:

  • Many believers as well as unbelievers need to recover from misbehavior.
  • Salvation does not eradicate the sin from your life.
  • Confession needs to take place in order to be restored to right relationship with the Father.
  • There are biblical examples of those who God restored over and over
  • God has a recovery plan for each of us
  • And much more!

This series is a must have for any believer needing restoration with God the Father. Know that your time for recovery is now!