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2006 Financial Increase Seminar...Pastor Carlton Sharp, Dr Leroy Thompson

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2006 Financial Increase Seminar...Pastor Carlton Sharp, Dr Leroy Thompson

Financial Increase Seminar 2006 - 4 CD series In this awesome seminar, Pastor Sharp endeavors to show that until the world can see tangible results of the Kingdom Lifestyle, it will not be forced to take notice of its deficit living and the misery of its alternative lifestyle existence!

In this seminar, Pastor Sharp labels the Financial Increase comes through Violent Faith! He defines Violent Faith as the intensely focused, unwavering faith action required to accomplish one objective.

Pastor Sharp states:

  1. My inheritance does exist
  2. It is rightfully mine
  3. It is mine for the taking
  4. It is ours now!

Pastor Sharp asks the question: Why is it that so many Christians do not have financial increase? MISINFORMATION! He states that satanic manipulation has diminished the desire and expectation to increase.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  1. Three reasons God wants you to increase
  2. Increase and success has always been the plan of God
  3. We must arrive at financial increase in our thinking before we get there naturally
  4. Our thinking has been corrupted to be critical, cynical and cheap
  5. Reasons why people won’t change their thinking to increase
  6. Ten decisions I must make once I get revelation concerning increase
  7. And much more!

Get this dynamic Seminar today and you will also get the awesome and unshakable teaching of Dr. Leroy Thompson of Darrow, Louisiana along with the outstanding teaching of Pastor Sharp!